Fold on, Fold off…

We want something on our light fitting in the bedroom, which currently has the skeleton of a lampshade *welded* onto it! (ok, it might not be actually be welded, but it seems like that!).  And we rent, so it needs to be movable…

Cue lots of cranes hanging from the framework

100’s of cranes

cue one origami mad SO and a trip to the craft shop to fetch lots of pretty papers

and voila, Owen and Amigito folding origami cranes.  Ok, ok, Owen folding and Amigito going “but I don’t have opposable thumbs!”
And you fold this bit like this...

some of the pretty papers (they were black & white, but I Sharpie’d them)
Pretty pre-crane

Pretty pre-crane

They’re multiplying!!!!!
Help! I'm surrounded!

Just a few 100 more to go…


One Response to “Fold on, Fold off…”

  1. Beth Says:

    Awww, poor Amigito! No opposable thumbs can be a bummer! But the cranes look great, and I bet he found the process interesting even if he couldn’t participate!

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