Off to the land of dragons!

The day after he arrived, we were off for the weekend!  We had to take care of some family stuff in Wales, so we’d decided to spend a few days extra there and make it a short break.  although he wasn’t looking forward to more travelling, I promised Amigito that this time he’d be able to move around and wouldn’t be in an envelope 😀

Here he is chatting with the driver, Owen’s sister:

Chatting to the driver

Posing by the beach:

Posing by the seaside

He was most amused by the Welsh for monkey, which is pronounced the same, but spelt very differently! (w = oo in Welsh, there’s no k and y is a vowel and more of an ‘i’ sound)

It's me!


One Response to “Off to the land of dragons!”

  1. Baby Smiley Says:

    Hi Amigito,
    I’m so jealous that you got to go to Wales! Looks like you had a great time.
    Keep us updated!!
    – Baby Smiley

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