Trevor returns!

July 19, 2008

with a friend!
Aww, duck love

and the friend has long legs or arms, depending on which way you pull them!
Trevor's new friend!

he also came with some yummy new yarn!
mmmmm.... yarn....

and a cute new bag for me!
Cute new bag

lots of goodies together with the scrapbook (which i need to take some better ‘favourite pages’ pics of; and the origami paper that my SO has claimed (and won’t stop going on about!!) and sweeties, yay!
All my goodies!


Another day out in Londres

June 6, 2008

Another day sight seeing in central London so we could go to Buck Palace…

On the way, he got some love from the family (sister)
On the DLR from Stratford

Buck Palace
Buck Palace
Buck Palace

and we went to Camden; which if you don’t know, is known for it’s edgy/rock air and celebs hanging around, as well as lots of alternative shops/market stalls. Amigito was a little over whelmed, but wanted to fit in a bit with the locals, so we got him a studded collar!
Monkey went to Camden....

My youngest brother came to stay, and although he’s a bit camera shy (there’s a few pics of him, and Amigito, in the scrapbook…) he decided that Amigito might be homesick, so he made american stlye brownies (oh gawd, NEVER let a 13 yr old lose in your kitchen with chocolate!!!) and made a flag!
Tom Amuses Himself with Amigito

See, he’s REALLY in London!

May 29, 2008

firstly, a picture of a red bus AND a black cab (sadly I couldn’t get Amigito in the pic quick enough!), oh and that’s St Pauls in the background!

We went for a wander along the southbank, where the London Eye wheel is:

where there are lots of strange people, who cover themselves in paint and stand still for hours upon hours….

the Thames beach!  Well, ok, it’s a bit of sand that happens to have the tide out enogh for people to walk on it, but someone had written messages in it:

Finally we wandered past the Tate Modern, which has a graffiti exhibit on at the moment, including these HOOOGE outside examples:

Eurovision Night

May 29, 2008

Eurovision’s an odd thing, it’s quite hard to explain to none Europeans…  Partly because we take it quite seriously, but also not at all seriously… it’s a matter of national pride, and yet we treat it with scorn.

Anyway, we, in our house, tend to get together with friends, score the different songs for things like “does it have a key change”, “are their outfits sparkly”, we drink and eat takeaway and generally use it as an excuse to get together 🙂

Tsk, cider AND takeaway food?!

And, just to prove how odd it can be, a scary tv pic:

Spring Cleaning!

May 12, 2008

Bit of a dull day for Amigito today I’m afraid, but he took it all in his stride and helped me out somewhat too!

We defrosted the “drinks fridge” (1 of our flatmates had a small fridge when he moved in with us, so it’s full of spirits and wine…) and then gave it a good clean:
Lending a hand/paw!

We then did some dusting of the many, many DVDs Owen owns! (note, my section is the small line on the top of the black bookcase…) (oh, and there’s also another large bookcase on the left…)
Gasp! So many DVDs!

I think Owen has been brain-washing him… he went straight for the Indiana Jones box set!! Boys!
mmmm.... Indiana Jones....

Fold on, Fold off…

May 11, 2008

We want something on our light fitting in the bedroom, which currently has the skeleton of a lampshade *welded* onto it! (ok, it might not be actually be welded, but it seems like that!).  And we rent, so it needs to be movable…

Cue lots of cranes hanging from the framework

100’s of cranes

cue one origami mad SO and a trip to the craft shop to fetch lots of pretty papers

and voila, Owen and Amigito folding origami cranes.  Ok, ok, Owen folding and Amigito going “but I don’t have opposable thumbs!”
And you fold this bit like this...

some of the pretty papers (they were black & white, but I Sharpie’d them)
Pretty pre-crane

Pretty pre-crane

They’re multiplying!!!!!
Help! I'm surrounded!

Just a few 100 more to go…

Amigito Meets the natives

May 8, 2008

Apparently, when you put Amigito with cheeky men, you get a cheek monkey! Here he is calling me (!) a loser! (though he did it with a smile on his face, so I think it was in good humour)

He took a bit of a shine to the frozen/slushy margaritas they’d just got in (though we had to build a little stool for him to reach the glass…)
No Amigito, it's not midnight yet!

OMG, he’s famous!! Celeb spotting ahoy! ok, ok, he’s not THAT famous, specially not here in the UK, but he’s a kids tv presenter in Ghana, that counts, right?! 😀 (he’s actually the barman at the pub, but genuinely he’s a star in Ghana, apparently, but as he’s the only Ghanain I know he could just be telling me that 😉
But, you're famous!

Ouch, he’s gonna feel that in the morning…
A little worse for wear...


May 7, 2008

Amigito had fun at the weekend, he “helped” us (well, ok a friend) sort through the stupidly large amount of electronics we have in the flat and work out what was actually working/useable/wanted.  (and that isn’t extreme makeover home edition in the background, oh no…  OR a big pile of yarn just sitting in the living room… ahem.  and geek friend IS wearing something, it was just quite muggy, so it’s only shorts! hmmm… I need to take better pictures 😉

The great Electronics Purge Begins!

Thurs / Fri

May 3, 2008

I tried to educate Amigito in the ways of British politics, he liked the look of Boris Johnson (I think it’s the floppy hair…), so I quickly brain-washed him into hating him 😀

No! Not Boris!!

Fri we had a “girlie” might in (O went out clubbing), so we got fish and chips, snuggled up in bed and watched bad tv. He’s finding it a bit nippy over here in the UK, and was looking longingly at my stash of “mini balls I can’t really make anything out of” yarn, so I whipped up a colourful scarf for him

He was cold...

Off to the land of dragons!

April 30, 2008

The day after he arrived, we were off for the weekend!  We had to take care of some family stuff in Wales, so we’d decided to spend a few days extra there and make it a short break.  although he wasn’t looking forward to more travelling, I promised Amigito that this time he’d be able to move around and wouldn’t be in an envelope 😀

Here he is chatting with the driver, Owen’s sister:

Chatting to the driver

Posing by the beach:

Posing by the seaside

He was most amused by the Welsh for monkey, which is pronounced the same, but spelt very differently! (w = oo in Welsh, there’s no k and y is a vowel and more of an ‘i’ sound)

It's me!